Eternal Real Flame Candle - 8cm X 12cm



Introducing our newest candle range, the Eternal Candle, for when you want a real flame but no messy melted wax spilling!  

These hugely popular candles are unlike any others, the candle can last for years and years, as it never burns down, you simply replace the tea-light when it burns out. 

Designed and made in Germany, from the highest quality plastic that resembles natural wax candles. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors, the candle won't fade or melt in the sun, making them perfect for your outdoor lanterns, along with indoor table settings and lanterns.

Instructions for use:

Place a tealight (from our Eternal Candle range, which is in a clear plastic holder, so that it blends perfectly with the candle) into the top of the Eternal Candle, and light the flame! 


Requires tealights (38mmx25mm with a burn time of approx 7-8 hours).