Architectural Plans Review - Classic



Building your own home or adding an extension will involve having your plans drawn up professionally.  Sometimes these plans can be daunting to look at, and very often can be confusing if you're not familiar with reading and understanding the plans.  Our architectural plans review service could be just what you need to ensure that you have the correct layout for your designs, a layout and flow that works for you and your family.

With this review, we walk through your plans and discuss your needs and lifestyle to ensure that what you are planning to build will fit in with your now and future requirements.  It is much easier and less expensive to future plan your home now while it is still in the design stage, before any walls are built or windows are installed.

Our focus will be on adjusting and creating a layout that works for you, that embraces your needs, from bedroom and bathroom layouts, storage solutions (have you considered how much storage you'll actually need?), kitchen and dining room  layouts, playrooms, sitting room and lounge areas, even where your patio should be located! We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your layout will be easy to understand and will suit you and your family's needs.

Price is based on floor area up to 2,500Sq Ft.

All of our designs will endeavour to propose solutions that fit your lifestyle and budget.