Lexington Original Facecloth - White



Plush and absorbent, the Lexington soft and heavy terry towel is created from 600 g combed cotton/m2. With softness that only increases over time, our original towel in a moonbeam beige colour is a luxurious treat for your body.

The Lexington Original Bath Towel, unlike what its name suggests, is nothing close to being standard. Made with 600 g combed terry cotton/m2, the yarn is unraveled to add air and space in between the fibers to create a remarkably soft and absorbent towel.

100% Terry Cotton

30 cm x 30 cm / 12' x 12' - Face cloth



Wash & Care

Machine wash hot, iron low, tumble dry normal, do not use bleach or softener.

To prevent fluffing and for towels to maintain its nice hand feel we recommend washing without softener and tumble drying.